S-TARget‘s therapies are building on the proprietary, two-module S-TIR™ platform. S-TIR™ vaccines are comprised of active ingredients that work together in a two-module system: a proprietary generic module (“warhead”) and a proprietary disease-specific module (“immunogen”) linked by high-affinity connectors. In short, the warhead ensures specific delivery of the immunogen in a nontoxic manner to those cells that adjust and (re-)program the patient’s immune response. In addition, the warhead strongly boosts and defines the therapeutic effect of the drug. The immunogen, loaded with the allergic disease-specific information, stimulates allergen specific T-cells which are consequently converted into healthy normal T-cells triggering a normal immune reaction. In case tumor specific information is packed into the immunogen, tumor specific T cells will be generated and activated, which subsequently eradicate the tumor. The modular concept of the vaccines allows one and the same warhead to be combined with a choice of different immunogens – resulting in different allergen- or tumor-specific products, which can be selected by the physician to match the patient’s specific disease or need (personalized medicine).

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